An audio based smartphone application for safe interaction and added value to competitiors in the bicycle race Vätternrundan!



Smartphones har blivit en naturlig del av våra liv och är snarare en del av oss själva än bara externa prylar. Det finns idag ingen specifik Vätternrundan applikation tillgänglig för användning under loppet och de tävlande använder sina telefoner även om det är farligt och mot reglerna. Det här projeketet ämnar att tillhandahålla en säker lösning på det här problemet.

En delvis fungerande prototyp för en Android applikation har utformats och delvis implementerats. Strike detektion som ger information via ljudmeddelanden blev den valda interaktionen med smartphonen när man cyklar. Genom detta behöver användarna inte ta bort blicken från vägen eller använda ett touch interface som input. Ett visuellt interface med en överblick av racet är också inkluderat för deltagarna när de tar pauser.


Smartphones have become a natural part of our lives and are closer to be part of our beings rather than just external gadgets. There is no current Vätternrundan specific application available for use during the race today and the competitors use their phones even if it is dangerous and against the rules, therefore this project will provide a safe way to solve this problem.

A semi-functional Android application prototype for such an application have been designed and partially implemented. Strike detection with audio output information have been the chosen interaction with the smartphone while bicycling, just so the user avoid taking their eyes of the road or using a touch screen interface for input. A visual interface with overview of the race is also included for when competitors take breaks.

Audio Output

Using traditional touch screen interaction while cycling high speeds is not recommended. By using the phone’s built in accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer sensors a procedure was engineered which registers whenever the user strikes the phone with their hand, called gross motor control interaction, and provides auditory output. This enables the user to access a menu by striking the phone once or several times, depending on what information the user currently desires.

Settings to customize the order of the readouts are available and on-demand information can be activated with automatic periodic readouts.

Visual Design

Plan Race

The user can before the race starts set up a plan. He/she selects the desired finishing time using the slider. The user can also select how long to make pauses at each depot stop of the race. By clicking any of the depots in the list a popup is shown with a slider to select how long pause to make at that stop. At the bottom of the planning screen, the currently calculated average speed that the user needs to keep in order to reach his or her goal is displayed. Planned breaks are accounted for in the calculation.


This shows a map of Vätternrundan and its depots. By clicking any of the depots, more information is displayed, such as what services are being offered and how far away from the start the depot is.


This screen displays statistics about the current race. For instance there is a progress wheel displaying what percentage of the race has been finished. It also displays the total distance travelled since start and how long time the user has been racing. A graph lets the user know how their speed has differed during the race. Furthermore it shows how far it is to the next depot. Finally the average speed is shown, along with the planned average speed for easy comparison.


This social feature is conceptually implemented only to showcase the idea of adding friends and follow their progress in the race.


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Exhibition poster 23 - 25 October 2013

The poster can be found here!

The Team

VRapp was made by these awesome people:

Ludvig Arwidsson | Kajsa Lindberg | Jakob Martinsköld | Andreas Eklund | Ann Michélsen

Project for the course Interaction Design Project 1 - Interaction Design and Technologies - Chalmers University of Technology