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The Photo Lane is based on a simple idea: a lane leading to a gate that captures high quality photos of participants that pass through it. The photos are instantly shown on a website and optionally distributed to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, letting family and friends know how the race is going and make them feel more connected to the participants.

.. Automatic

RFID is a common technology used to track the participants during races such as Vasaloppet, Göteborgsvarvet and Vätternrundan.

We leverage the already existing RFID tags to identify the participants as they pass through the lane, and connect the taken photo with their bib number.

X marks the spot: Participants know when the picture is taken.

.. Instant

The instantly distributed photos makes it easy for friends to see where the participant is and what state he or she seems to be in. Be it on social media or the webpage of the race.

Multiple photo lanes during the race keeps the followers and participants in touch. The images can also be displayed on big screen monitors throughout the track.

.. Memories

The images are tagged with time and distance, and on the website it’s as easy as entering a participants bib number to see all the images taken during a race.

This way participants can remember the race in detail, the struggles and the accomplishment of finishing.

Video Demonstration

Technical Setup


Photos from the exhibition

The team behind this project

We are 5 Interaction Design master students at Chalmers in their second year.

  • Annika Ridington
  • Christian Fransson
  • Cyrill Averbeck
  • Daniel Kvarfordt
  • Erich Grunewald
Contact us: ixdphotolane@gmail.com