iGot is an innovative way of visualizing the events at GöteborgsVarvet half marathon. The software is intended to work on PCs connected to monitors with touch capabilities. This allows users to use the montor to interact with the event in real time.

At its heart, iGot is a 3D map of Gothenburg with a number of gestures for the touch screen devices. The gestures include tapping and holding to pan the map in the direction held, as well as zooming using pinching (pinch in for zoom in and pinch out for zoom out). There are also key buildings on the map which can be tapped on to show more information.

If the concept of iGot is finalized, it also allows users to interact with a graphical interface. In this interface, users can search for their runners and see information such as their times and position in the race. The interface also shows real-time event information such as displaying weather data and ongoing events in the key buildings. Furthermore, the interface can be easily enhanced to provide information with other feeds, such as Twitter.

iGot is intended to run in a controlled booth near the start and finish points of the GöteborgsVarvet and requires local network access. If it's not dependent on mobile networks, it can function as intended, as usage of the networks spike during the main hours of the race.
We also hope that because of the booth, it will attract crowds seeking for information, and thus brings extra opportunities for sponsors to set out advertisements.

Another advantage of the concept is that it can be extended to other events, races and even in other cities, provided that the software gets the information needed and that the models are updated accordingly. The current edition of GöteborgsVarvet for example, has only checkpoints every five kilometers, making real-time visualization of runners difficult.

iGot is programmed in Unity using UnityScript. City and track models were made in 3DS Max.


(Non-final GUI)

A whole map of Goteborg was created in this project in order to present a general view of the race. Typcially, users could simply zoom in and out, panning the map and select the buildings or racers on the map with their fingers.

When these buildings are selected, their colors would change as a notification that they are selected. And when users double click these buildings, general information about these selected buildings would be placed on the left part as the screenshot shows above.

This panel was developed for showing some static information about the racers such as numbers of participates, the weather condition and so on.

This method is used by users to see only the racers or checkpoints according to their decisions. It could help the audiences see their target objects more clearly as the screenshot shows above.