The Internationale in Klingon


bom mu' ghItlhpu' challoD
QoQ qonpu' pIerre Degeyter

yIbom wa'logh wa'DIch:
Qongovo' yIvem vaj Hem
batlhlIjvaD yiQam
poH nI' DochlIj nItem
'urwI'pu' tISam
numagh che'wI'pu'
batlh peQam ghommey
chaH quvHa' HoH pu'
che'wI'Segh DIjey

maghommoH vajjuppu'
may' Qav wIqaDmoH
betleH'mo' lughomqu' qorDu'
Daw'mo' qem batlhnoH


Song of Revolution:
Lyrics by Challod
Music by Pierre Degeyter
Translated by SkyMan

First verse:
Proud warrior, awaken from you sleep
Stand up for your honor
They have long denied you what is yours
Find the traitors
The rulers have betrayed you
People everywhere, stand with honor
The phasergun kills the dishonorable ones
We will defeat the ruling class

Warriorcomrades, let us gather
Let us face the final battle
The sword unites the family
The revolution brings the honorable war